The Man At My Funeral

I used a writing prompt for this one. The prompt was "Last Night, I dreamed I was at my own funeral...", from there, I just kinda...wrote it. That happens a lot.

Last night, I dreamed I was at my own funeral. I've been having this dream almost every night for the last year.. It's such a surreal feeling, seeing the people you love mourn losing you. At the same time, it's also kind of nice knowing that these people care so much about my existence. Obviously, having this kind of dream would be mildly unsettling to most, but I see it as an opportunity to know that, when things come to an end, people will actually care.

As of late though, there's been a disturbing part of the dream; I keep seeing this person that I don't recognize. He stands among my friends and family and just seems to loom the entirety of the service. For some reason, I can't place a name to his face, but I can feel that something is off about him. The couple times I've seen him, he always seems to target someone in the crowd and approaches them to console them. He seems so very gentle with them, but when I see his eyes. They seem to have a faint hue, a slight red glow, as he stares at where I lie in my coffin.

Now I know most people would just say that it's nothing more than a dream, but I've watched him approach two people in this dream. Both people that he's approached have ended up getting into horrible accidents, one of them passed away, the other will never walk or speak again. I know it's just a dream, but how could it be a coincidence that the two people the man approached in my dream both ended up where they are? There's only so much that you can equate to random chance.

Last night, I dreamed I was at my own funeral again, and the man was there. He was there during the entirety of the service, and this time he did something different. He requested to give my eulogy. He stood in front of the entire crowd of people and spoke to them, comforting them and telling them that I was in a better place.

This morning, I received a call that my parents and my younger sister were hit by a drunk driver, none of them survived. I saw a news report that there was a fire at a local college in the dorm where a number of my friends stayed. My girlfriend's mother called me this morning to tell me that she had taken her own life the night before. All of them were gone- comforted by his words and lulled into the afterlife.

Now, I'm sitting here and waiting my turn. You see, at the end of my dream, after the eulogy, he turned to look at my body in my coffin. He ran a hand through my hair and told me that everything would be OK. His words were comforting, and I felt calm as I watched his glowing eyes pierce my soul.

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