How I Met Bryan Sampson

This one was inspired by a writing prompt "Sampson was known for stealing other people's wives." I thought Bryan Sampson could be a wife-stealing jerk, all while being something a little more supernatural.

Sampson was known for stealing other people’s wives, emphasis on was. You see, Bryan Sampson was my neighbor, and he had a reputation around town. He’d been caught in bed with more married women than you could even think to count- odds are he’d received just as many beatings because of it.

The thing about Bryan Sampson is that he was kind of a jack ass. There’s the obvious- he was destroying marriages, but he was also the kind of guy to park on the road in front of driveways after driving home drunk at 2 in the morning, play his music too loudly, rev his piece of crap car’s motor randomly just to be a nuisance. Honestly, he was a hundred times worse than words can paint. He was truly the scum of the Earth.

Now one could say that the women Bryan slept with were just as at fault as he was, but Bryan… Bryan was something special. He was truly irresistible to those that he wanted, and damn near invincible to those that beat the hell out of him on the regular.

That all said, Let’s move on to how he and I met. One day, last October, I came home from work early and found my wife in bed with Bryan. This absolutely killed me inside- she was my world and she had betrayed me. We talked about it, and she told me about how he got into her head and manipulated her into doing what she did. Honestly, I believed her. She was very convincing.

I took some time to get to know Bryan, really get to know him. Looked into who he was and put together a pretty good profile for him, and studied his mannerisms. He and I even went in together on a business venture- we decided we would purchase a refrigeration warehouse and start a cold storage business.

Well… That’s what I let him believe. I let him talk to the bankers and sellers, and watched as his ‘charisma’ worked on them to lower the price and close the deal. Then came the day that we went and looked around the place alone, the day I hatched my plan.

We were looking at a walk in freezer together, I shut the door behind us. After a few moments, I pulled a small handgun on Bryan and shot him in his leg. He fell onto the ground and screamed in pain., I just laughed and walked back toward the door. He screamed and asked what I was doing, and I told him I was leaving.

“You can’t leave me here! I’ll freeze to death!” He shouted.

“Oh, don’t be an idiot, Bryan.” I retorted as I walked out and stared at him. “Vampires can’t freeze to death.” I smiled as I shut and locked the door- two foot of steel in the middle of nowhere locking that jackass away for the rest of eternity.