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What Is The As The Raven Dreams Podcast...

The ATRD Podcast is a podcast where I, Raven Adams, narrate stories of all kinds. Most of them are considered "scary" but I also tell stories that are weird and strange (Like Glitch In The Matrix Stories).  I tell stories in pretty much any and all categories; Glitch Stories, Dark Web Stories, Stalker and Stranger Stories, Paranormal stories and so much more. If you like stories that are sure to put a chill down your spine, odds are, I have something for you. 

List Of Accolades...

This is a collection of accolades achieved by the As The Raven Dreams Podcast. I don't like to brag about things, but there are times where you just have to put out there how proud you are of the work you've done. This is my collection of those times. 

Subscriber Accolades....

Channel Started.... December 9th, 2019
1,000 Subs...  August 8th, 2020
2,000 Subs...  January 13th, 2021
3,000 Subs...  April 10th, 2021
4,000 Subs...   July 18th, 2021
5,000 Subs...  September 23rd, 2021
6,000 Subs...   November 27th, 2021
7,000 Subs...  January 10th, 2022

8,000 Subs...   March 1st, 2022
9,000 Subs...  April 22nd, 2022
10,000 Subs... June 9th, 2022
15,000 Subs... January 6th, 2023
20,000 Subs... May 25th, 2023
25,000 Subs... December 3rd, 2023
30,000 Subs... April 8th, 2024

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